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Poradnik dla mężczyzn - jak przygotować się do sesji biznesowej

Selection of a suitable outfit

How to prepare for an business session

In business relationships it is always worth to bet on elegance. Elegance, however, has many names. One dress code applies, for example, to law or financial communities and other to artistic ones. The outfit should match the way of how you would like to be perceived.

Does your industry appreciates classics and seriousness, or rather expects creativity and unconventionality? Regardless of anything one thing remains unchanged: elegance, even the more sporty one, makes us certainly look more competent.

Selection of a size

Tips about how to prepare for an business session

It is very important that the clothes are fitting well. If a part of clothing is too big or too small – on a photograph it will be clearly visible. Therefore we pay attention to unwanted details:

  • Too big or too small collar of a shirt.
  • Pulling material of a too tight jacket or folded of a too loose one.
  • Baggy pants frowning under the belt.
  • Too short sleeves – cuffs should be approx. 1 cm longer than sleeves of a jacket.
  • Inadequate length of the tie - end of the tie should touch the belt buckle.

To have an outfit that presents itself well on the photo, it should be clean and neatly ironed. We suggest bringing a suit, shirt and tie straight from the laundry on the hanger and putting it on shortly before the photo session, so that there will be no creases on a material. We pay special attention to tie – it creases easily as well, what on a photo can be very visible.

Haircut, facial hair

How to prepare for photo session

We encourage to pay attention to your hairstyle before the session, as the hair after a visit to the hairdresser always present themselves more aesthetically. We also pay special attention to accurate shaving (including the neck), or cutting a beard.

Guide for men - How to prepare for an professional business session prepared by To Look Perfect Stylist and Makeup Artist

Poradnik dla mężczyzn - jak przygotować się do sesji biznesowej
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