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Give a Voucher for an Image Session

Ask for an offer tailored to your needs

Are you looking for an unusual gift idea for a loved one or your business partner? A gift in the form of an Image Session is a unique present and exposes the individuality of the recipient.

Voucher na profesjonalną sesję biznesową

Give a Voucher for an Image Session

valid for 12 months

Write about your expectations to get the offer of the Image Session tailored to your requirements and order a voucher - for a business partner, a loved one or for yourself. You will receive a personal Voucher that you can pass on to the recipient. The voucher will be valid for 12 months. During this time, the recipient can book with us a convenient date for the photo session, and we'll take care of the rest.

Your Image Session constists:

- selected images in high quality and in resolution for online use
- precise retouching and postproduction
- various frames for selection
- professional makeup for woman or matting for a man
- ready-to-select low resolution images in 5 days
- selected images retouched and send within 15 days
- selection of one priority photo (ready after retouching within 1 day)
- non-exclusive licence to use selected photos without time and territorial restrictions on any fields of exploitation

Write me to get your Voucher offer:

Stand out with a professional image and build the strength of your own brand.

Get powerful images to help your business succeed.

An experienced image photographer in cooperation with a professional makeup artist and stylist create a unique offer to create your image. We offer a new quality of Image Photography. Our offer of stylish and aesthetic photos of the highest quality is directed to you.

The brand is the result of communication with other people, building good opinion and reputation. Choose the uncompromising quality of the Image Session and communicate through photos at the highest level.

What is business photography to me?

This is an ability to capture the value of the brand and show it in stylish and dynamic photographs of modern aesthetics. It’s precise, balanced, natural post-production and retouch. It's your business image.

When you want quality images I am open to making that happen.

Voucher na profesjonalną sesję biznesową


My goal is to help people to present their image of success with the unique and stylish photographs of a modern aesthetics. I'm happy when the synergy of our cooperation allows the creation of such photographs during the Business Image Photo Session.

I love meeting such people. A pedantic professional and a man with passion, a wizard, artist and virtuoso of image photography. You feel that he is the right person in the right place and that he does it with pleasure. By accident, I came across his photos and asked if he would have an idea for a lawyer image session. From the very beginning there was chemistry in this cooperation, lots of interesting hints and ideas, everything went smoothly. The session was a conclusion and confirmation of everything I wrote above. The photo session itself was an adventure, an interesting experience. My lack of experience and some shyness in posing in front of the lens did not matter at all. Precise and understandable guidelines, suggestions resulted in the creation of another great photos. The entire implementation was extremely efficient. Shortly after the session I had ready, processed photos. I recommend with all my heart!

Michał Paprocki, legal adviser at the Chmaj i Wspólnicy law office

Arek is not only a master in image photography, but also a wonderful person with whom cooperation is a pleasure. Thank you, Arek, for wonderful photographs, cordiality and professionalism in every aspect of your work.

Dr Edyta Monika Hunter, Managing Director of Simple Cognition LTD, London

I would recommend cooperation with Arek first of all to everybody who does not feel well before the camera lens but needs a professional image photo because of performed duties and responsibilities. It turns out that you may feel naturally and comfortably while being photographed. What a nice surprise.
The image session is not only time that has not been wasted but time definitely well invested and spent in a nice way. I am more than happy with the effects of cooperation with Arek


Special thanks to Arek Markowicz, who did a photo session to promote the book (Glaskology). Working with Arek, I remembered that once every artist had to be able to improvise, and Arek is a real studio MacGyver. It was a great pleasure working with you! Great professionalism!

Miłosz Brzeziński, business coach and writer

We asked Arek for an offer to make a business session and … from sending the e-mail everything which happened afterwards was: kind, fast, absorbing, and above all very professional. The session was an interesting and challenging event in itself, but thanks to Arek taking care of and managing the entire process, it ended with satisfactory outcome having the form of a set of photographs that we will certainly use in many situations. I especially appreciate a very good contact, wonderful atmosphere and not pushy initiative. I greatly recommend the services of Arek.

Kamil Ciukszo, CEO & Co-Founder at Alterdata

Thank you very much for the beautiful photos. Super session organization, great customer approach. Even a stone in your lens would come alive and have a passion for life.

Katarzyna Łukasiewicz, legal adviser

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Voucher na profesjonalną sesję biznesową
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