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Business Portrait Photography

Business Photography that offers an unmatched depth, breadth and quality of prestige images to help your communications truly stand apart.

Arek Markowicz - Offer

What is business photography for me? This ability to capture and express the brand value by stylish and dynamic photographs of modern aesthetics. My offer of corporate photography is directed to every company in every industry, in which the personality and image of leaders and workers have a big impact on the market perception of the company.

I realize photo sessions organized for the leaders of the organization, board members and key managers. I specialize at corporate and industrial photography, business portraits, portraits of employees, photographs of technological production lines. I provide high quality pictures for the press office, to be published on corporate websites, in the press, in promotional and PR materials, corporate communications, brochures or catalogues.

With years of experience as press photo editor I assure pictures of the highest quality, made with attention to detail, retouched and ready for publication. I pay special attention to the appropriate use of symbolic gestures and elements highlighting the personality of the leader and his identification with the organization.

Business Photoshoot Voucher

Make your image stand out from the onslaught of digital noise.

Voucher for professional buziness photoshoot.

Are you looking for an unusual gift ideas? Now you can give Business Session Voucher to your business partner or someone you care about. Write me about your expectations to get an offer of Business Photoshoot Voucher tailored to your requirements. I offer you personal Voucher which you can give as a present printed or in digital form. Each Voucher is valid for 5 months. During this time gifted person can conact us to book convenient date of photo session and we'll do the rest.

We create your professional image that will represent you and your business. Powerfull business image is worth more than a thousand words.


You deserve your image to be shown properly.

Arek Markowicz - Oferta

My goal is to help people to present their image of success with the unique and stylish photographs of a modern aesthetics. I'm happy when the synergy of our cooperation allows the creation of such photographs during the Business Image Photo Session.

It’s been a pleasure to have a photo session with the photographer - Arek Markowicz – which turned out into a very interesting and enjoyable adventure. Throughout the whole session Arek was very helpful and accommodating. I felt very comfortable in front of the camera with no rush and enough time to get myself prepared. The picture set run the full range of top notch photographs, as Arek did a remarkable job capturing a number of staged, yet very candid shots. The only problem was to pick the favorites out of the bunch of amazing ones.
Arek works with a great makeupist – Barbara Markowicz – who makes the client feel attractive and hence much more confident.
I definitely recommend him!

Dorota Szkodny-Ciołek,
PhD, CPCC, ORSCC, Leadership Development, coach ADAPTIVE

I am always looking for the people who do their job with passion. Without passion you do not have energy, and without energy you have nothing. Professional and a perfectionist in every way. Great cooperation. Arek once again thank you, I recommend!

Sławomir Gąsiorek, J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

Full professionalism. I had a photo session with Mr. Arek. The end result was amazing. I highly recommend to all.

Marek Zawilak, CFO at FTS Sp. z o.o.

Advantages of cooperation with Mr. Arek Markowicz are:
- fast and effective communication,
- very high flexibility in terms of photo session
(my session was held at the weekend),
- very nice atmosphere during the session,
- professionalism both on the part of Mr. Markowicz, as well as the Make-up Artist cooperating with him,
- adherence to agreed-upon terms,
- fully satisfying results session.

Daria Juchnowicz - Bierbasz, Legal Counsel


Powerful prestige imagery that can brilliantly convey any concept.

Arek Markowicz - Offer

Over the years I had the pleasure of working for many customers, below I put the example companies and brands, for which I done business and corporate photo sessions.


GLS Poland
Sokolow S.A.
Carrefour Poland
TU Europa Insurance
Accenture Poland
Papyrus Poland
ISS Facility Services
BPI Group Poland
B/S/H/ Group
Polski Bank Spółdzielczy
Polska Spolka Gazownictwa
Echo Investment
Ministry of the Environment
National Forest Holding "State Forests"
Transprojekt Gdański
Butcher's Pet Care
Oriflame Cosmetics
X-Trade Brokers S.A.
Griffin Real Estate

Sukces Magazine
Businessman Magazine
Newsweek Magazine
Wprost Magazine
AFP for SUEZ, France
CEO Magazine, Australia
Bloomberg Businessweek Poland
Film, monthly magazine
Do Rzeczy, weekly magazine
Nano Agency
Multico Books
G7 Media
Media & Marketing Polska
FOOD Service
Accounting and Business, UK (ACCA)
beetroot, Creative Communications Agency for RBS Bank, UK
Zeeland for Inspecta, Finland
Börse Online Financial Magazine, Germany

Selected covers

My photographs on magazine covers.

Izabella Łukomska-Pyżalska, Chairman of football club Warta Poznań S.A., resident of the construction and development company Family House, business woman, former fashion model. Sukces magazine cover. Best editorial photography in Poznan, Poland.
Paweł Kukiz, member of polish parliament and president of the parliamentary club Kukiz'15. Wprost magazine cover. Politician editorial photographer in Warsaw, Poland.
Roksana Strozyk Wysocka, vice CEO of Astromal, leader in composites market in Poland. Businessman magazine cover. Professional photographer in Poznan, Poland.
CEO of Media Saturn Holding Poland managing chain stores Saturn and Media Markt in Poland. Businessman magazine cover. Your professional business image.
Mikołaj Placek, CEO of Oknoplast, one of the biggest Polish companies producing windows. Professional Business Image Session shoot in Oknoplast factory near Cracow. Businessman magazine cover. Professional portrait photographer in Cracow, Poland.
Maciej Stuhr, actor. Film magazine cover. Professional portrait photography in Warsaw, Poland.
Maciej Stuhr, actor. Newsweek magazine cover. Professional portrait photography in Warsaw, Poland.
Maciej Stuhr, actor. Wprost magazine cover. Professional portrait photography in Warsaw, Poland.
Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister Sprawiedliwości i Prokurator Generalny. Okładka magazynu Newsweek. Profesjonalne sesje zdjęciowe dla polityków Warszawa.
Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General. Newsweek magazine cover. Professional politician photoshoot in Warsaw, Poland.
Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General. Newsweek magazine cover. Professional politician photoshoot in Warsaw, Poland.
Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General. Newsweek magazine cover. Professional politician photoshoot in Warsaw, Poland.
Krzysztof Czuba, Deputy CEO in Alior Bank S.A. Businessman magazine cover. Professional business photo session offer in Warsaw, Poland.
Laureaci nagrody #MistrzBiznesu 2016: Marat Nevretdinov (Prezes Zarządu Towarzystwa Ubezpieczeń Europa S.A), Roksana Stróżyk-Wysocka (Wiceprezes Zarządu Astromal), Piotr Sikiennik (Dyrektor Generalny na Europę Centralną FM Logistic), Marcin Rosati (Prezes Zarządu MediaMarkt Saturn Polska), dr Barbara Stepnowska (Dyrektor Programu MBS, Wydziału Zarządzania i Ekonomii Politechniki Gdańskiej), Katarzyna Szerling (Członek Zarządu Provident Polska), Krzysztof Czuba (Wiceprezes Zarządu Alior Bank), Leszek Zieliński (Prezes Zarządu Jobman Group). Okładka magazynu Businessman. Biznesowa Fotografia Wizerunkowa Warszawa.
Wojciech Modest Amaro - one of the most outstanding chefs in Poland, host of Hell's Kitchen Polska. Owner of the Atelier Amaro restaurant concept that combines a culinary studio, an exquisite deli and a scene in which he creates the Polish cusine of the 21 century. First restaurant in Poland awarded with Michelin Star. Wprost Smaki magazine cover.
Piotr Voelkel, Founder of VOX Group Jarosław Kuba. Jarosław Józefowicz, TZMO CEO. Sukces magazine cover. Outstanding business images offer.
Andrzej Stasiuk, writer. Gazeta Wyborcza daily cover. Professional portrait photographer in Warsaw, Poland.
Tomasz Misiak, Work Service CEO. Businessman magazine cover. Business Image photographer in Warsaw, Poland.
Robert Krool, business coach. Businessman magazine cover. Professional photographer in Poznan, Poland.
Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General. Newsweek magazine cover. Professional politician photoshoot in Warsaw, Poland.
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