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Poradnik dla kobiet - jak przygotować się do sesji biznesowej

Selection of a suitable outfit

How to prepare for an business session

In business relationships it is always worth to bet on elegance. Elegance, however, has many names. One dress code applies, for example, to law or financial communities and other to artistic ones. The outfit should match the way of how you would like to be perceived.

Does your industry appreciates classics and seriousness, or rather expects creativity and unconventionality? Regardless of anything one thing remains unchanged: elegance, even the more sporty one, makes us certainly look more competent.

Attention to detail

How to prepare for professional photo session - advices for women

The perfect image requires taking care of even the smallest details of our look. Here are the most imaportant issues, which we recommend to pay attention to:


The business session usually requires elegant, classic makeup. Photo makeup, however, differs in many ways from the daily one. Daily makeup with studio lighting usually looks pale and sad. We recommend services of a professional who not only will highlight the greatest strengths of beauty, but also will know which make-up to select depending on the lighting and the type of photo session.

Eyebrow regulation

Taking care of your eyebrows is an individual matter. Some ladies regulate their eyebrows, others prefer naturalness. However, if you belong to the first group, please pay attention to it before the session, as a single hair growing out of a line of the eyebrows, may focus attention while watching pictures.


The careful manicure with well-groomed skin around the nails. What’s more to add?


Artistic mess looks interesting live, but does not usually work well on the pictures. Neat, careful haircut looks much better and more professional. It relates as well to the lack of growths in women who use hair coloration.


We encourage you to have a gentle peeling the day before the session. Therefore the skin will be beaming with no dry spots visible.

Selection of a suitable outfit

Preparation for professional photo session

It is very important that the clothes are fitting well. If a part of clothing is too big or too small – on a photograph it will be clearly visible.

To have an outfit that presents itself well on the photo, it should be clean and neatly ironed. We suggest bringing clothes straight from the laundry on the hanger and putting it on shortly before the photo session, so that there will be no creases on a material.

Guide for women - How to prepare for an professional business session prepared by To Look Perfect Stylist and Makeup Artist

Poradnik dla mężczyzn - jak przygotować się do sesji biznesowej
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